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What can be done to increase the supply of housing?

Lots of insight in today's discussion including the role of the NPPF and barriers to building new homes. .. read more

What is the role of transport in placemaking?

How important is transport in our cities? And what lies ahead for the future of transportation? .. read more

Safe cities and public spaces

How can we make our cities safer, and how do we get people involved in the planning process to create safer public spaces? .. read more

What is the future of housing?

What is the future of housing? .. read more

What should the priorities for housing and regeneration be in 2015?

In the first #placechat of 2015, we look at what this year's housing priorities should be, and potential challenges to achieving these goals. .. read more

Can a new generation of Garden Cities solve the housing crisis?

In this week's Placechat we discuss the Lyons Review on housing. .. read more

Should housing be treated as a form of infrastructure?

What would be the benefits of treating housing as a form of infrastructire? .. read more

What can builders do to convince communities that new homes are a good thing?

What can builders do to promote development of new homes to communities? .. read more

How can we engage a younger generation in the planning process?

Why aren't more young people involved in housing planning? .. read more

Is there anything that can be done to get people into home ownership?

What can be done to help more people become homeowners? Has the Budget changed anything? .. read more

Your reflections on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

The 2013 autumn statement gave us lots to think about....including the £1bn investment in large sites. Right approach or not? .. read more

Your thoughts on how to respond to the forthcoming Lyons Housing Review

The Lyons Review will look at how we should approach the UK's housing shortage. What are your thoughts? .. read more

The role of self-build in placemaking

A fantastic discussion about self-build with some great input from journalists, industry experts and building professionals. .. read more

The Northern Powerhouse

To coincide with the NorthernPowerhouse Conference , we tackled the big questions around the Powerhouse debate, from housing, to infrastructure and HS2. .. read more

Is the housing market working for young people?

This week we discussed what could be done to open up the housing market for young adults who may struggle to get on the ladder. .. read more

What makes a good place?

What makes a great place to live? Is it infrastructure? Design? Services? We asked for your views. .. read more

Can the property sector win hearts and minds in the local community?

What does the property sector need to do to win over local residents? .. read more

We’re becoming a nation of renters. Good thing? Bad thing?

We’re becoming a nation of renters. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? .. read more

What is the role of design in placemaking?

How do we achieve good design, and is good design at the heart of a sustainable community? .. read more